The Prolonged Debate

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Articles

Yesterday was supposed to be the day when my first school debate happened. The morning started out being quite stressful, since we were caught in a bit of very bad traffic. The problem was with a traffic light. Through the course of the night, it went out, and while power was restored to it, it was out of sync, only letting about three cars through at a time. So traffic was backed up for several miles while cars went through the light three at a time. I wonder why the cars didn’t just go through the red light when no other cars were in the intersection.

Regardless, we only ended up being about ten minutes late to my public speaking class and since everyone else got stuck in the same traffic, it really wasn’t a big deal. Even the teacher was late.

Feeling rather conspicuous in my suit (one must look presentable for a debate) I entered the classroom, which filled up quickly after I arrived. In about five minutes, everyone was there – except for one person, who was excruciatingly absent: my friend, the person that I was supposed to go up against in the debate. Eventually, when the class was supposed to have started 15 minutes ago, the teacher found out that he was sick. He had called ahead of time, but for some reason, the teacher didn’t get the message and when he was late, she simply thought it was on account of the traffic. As she found out all too late, he was sick.

We ended up doing impromptu persuasive speeches – basically 1-2 minutes speeches thought of on the spot on silly topics. Next week, debates will resume as usual. Now I have yet another week before my debate. I am looking forward to some more time to prepare, but I do have to wear a suit again next week – not that I really mind 😀

  1. Better luck next week

  2. Libby says:

    I’m sure you looked very smart. Good luck next time.

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