Garden and Debate Update

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Articles

dscf3779Since last we wrote about the beginnings of our garden, it’s grown considerably. We’re reaching the stage where the white plastic table will no longer be able to hold all of our plants. Thankfully, this year, we have nowhere near as many peppers and tomatoes, and we aren’t growing tomatillos at all, so we shouldn’t have to cram plants into every available space in our house like last year. Or such is the hope. All that aside, our plants are doing very well. A lot of them have their true leaves and, if our weather is consistently as warm as it’s been, we could even start moving some out to our greenhouse soon.

Also, apologies for the recent lack of posts. As I mentioned, the debate has been a lot of research and other work. And speaking of the debate, it’s been going pretty well. When I initially started researching it, I had a slightly negative view towards the topic. Over the weekend, after having read so many articles, it was starting to sound like a good idea. Today, I started reading about the negative side of it in order to strengthen my affirmative position, and I’m realizing once more that there are both positives and negatives to the argument. I’ll just have to be convincing on whichever side I’m arguing!

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