Tiny Person and Silver Plastic

Posted: February 18, 2017 in Articles
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Yesterday I went to go visit my nephew with my parents, and despite my fear of dropping him, I did hold him. He had yet another hat on, and he’s still very small. My brother’s cat weighs more than the baby. I somehow got the feeling that the baby was very uncomfortable while I was holding him, but perhaps that was just me. He’s also still very cute.

While over at my brother’s house, we had dinner with them. We brought over a salad, chicken pot pie, and blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. We also provided paper plates and plastic utensils so that there wouldn’t be any dishes to wash. But the plastic silverware wasn’t any regular plastic silverware – it was painted to look silver, like normal silverware! I thought that was a nice touch.

  1. He’s lying to attention 🙂

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