Will They Never Tire?

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Articles
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There’s a phone scam going around wherein you pick up your phone and a robot asks, “Can you hear me?”

If you make the mistake of answering “Yes” they’ll use the recording of you saying “Yes” to sell you stuff without you being aware of the deceit. They do this by editing the recording and simply inserting your “Yes” when asked if you want whatever it is they are “offering”.

We’ve never gotten a call like this just because we never pick up phone calls from numbers we don’t recognize, but if you haven’t heard of this scam and you’re in the habit of picking up calls from unknown phone numbers, just watch out for this.

And for an update on the silly Safeway Monopoly game, we opened up all of our tickets from the parents’ last grocery trip (they brought home 32 😀 ) and even though we haven’t won any of the prizes on the board, Safeway does include “instant winners” in their tickets sometimes. Sometimes you get some money off something you can buy in their store and sometimes you get an item for free.


So far, the instant winners we have are, among other things, free sour cream, free salt, a discount on batteries and coffee, free bagel or doughnut (2), and a free cooking course.

Who thinks anyone ever wins big?

  1. Libby says:

    Not heard of that one!

  2. Thanks for the warning Uncle John

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