A Misunderstood Phrase

Posted: February 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today, in the morning sermon, our pastor used the phrase “getting into the hearts and minds of those who lived….” This I heard when I wasn’t dozing off but once he said it, I couldn’t stop thinking about that phrase and what he meant by it. Surely he wouldn’t be suggesting that we are to imagine what people were feeling. Surely he wouldn’t be suggesting that we are to imagine what people were thinking either. Because no amount of imagining is going to ensure that we know what any person is feeling or thinking.

As Dink said, “What people? Like all of them?”

When I questioned my father after church, he said that he didn’t know what the pastor meant, but the only thing that made sense to him (my father) was that we needed to know the cultural practices of the time in order to understand some of the more confusing aspects of Scripture.

I still don’t know.

Anyway, our class with the assistant pastor was much better. He is teaching on Zechariah and I have to say that this morning I was a bit ashamed because I did not know there were eight night visions in the book. I also did not know what the visions were.

I learned that “horns” refers to the power of the nations and especially military power and that the number “4” symbolizes completion. Just as the 4 horns represent those nations which had rebelled against God and had brought about oppression to God’s people, the 4 craftsmen (or carpenters) will dominate and master the horns and bring about justice in the end.

Just some points of interest from this morning!

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