Brand New Hats

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Articles
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As you probably know, Christmas was about a month ago. I realize that I never really wrote anything about what happened or any of the gifts that were exchanged. Now, however, I feel the urge to write about two things that I was given – hats! My total hat count has grown to five now. The first new hat is an ivy cap, and the other is a trilby. The trilby was something I requested of my parents, and the ivy cap was a gift from a friend. Given that they’re both slightly more… practical than a fez, for instance, I’ll probably wear them more than my previous three hats.

This is the exact trilby that I have. My hat collection is steadily growing, and it also provides great practice for fake smiles for photographs and, well, really just all the time. But, of course, sometimes seriousness is needed, as in the third picture 🙂

I’m wondering what hat I should obtain next. Any thoughts?

  1. Libby says:

    Not a hat person myself!

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