The Nose Saga

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Articles
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If you recall my entry entitled “The Nose Article” from a few weeks ago, you may remember that I recently went to a doctor to find and eliminate the cause of my nosebleeds. The most apparent cause was an infection in my nose. After putting an ointment in my nose for two weeks and thus removing the infection, we went back to the doctor so that he could see if there was another cause for my nosebleeds, which were still happening occasionally. Long story short, there was a blood vessel in my nose that was causing my nosebleeds. To fix this, all the doctor had to do was cauterize the inside of my nose.

Basically, the doctor had to find the blood vessel that was the culprit and seal it using electrocautery. The whole process was rather unpleasant but not worse than very frequent nosebleeds. There were lots of things in my right nostril: a very thin flashlight, a thin rubber-covered pipe with a bit of metal exposed at the end to electrify my nose, and two needles – though not at the same time, of course. It wasn’t too painful, though. That was probably on account of some anesthetic.

We also saw a nifty gadget while in the doctor’s office. After he was done cauterizing my nose, he went to a computer to make a record of what ailed me and what he did to fix it. Instead of typing, though, he talked into a device and everything that he said was automatically written down in the computer. Having something like that would be very handy in certain lines of work.

Anyway, hopefully this will be the end of my nosebleeds!

  1. Libby says:

    Not pleasant for you. Hope the problem is now solved. Technology is amazing these days.

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