House + Children

Posted: November 21, 2016 in Articles

This man in the picture has a van. The van has a North Carolina license plate. How do I know that? Because he used to park the van on the side of the street where we could clearly see it.

One day, we saw a woman talking to the man with the van. After that, the man parked his van across the street on the grass and now, people cannot tell that it is his van so easily.

We do sympathize very much with people who are struggling and we do not know this man’s story. But his sign which says, “MAN + CAT” struck us as kind of funny. At first we thought his sign said “VAN + CAT” and we thought perhaps our parents could go out with signs that read, “HOUSE + CHILDREN”.


Tree Mangling Fall Season

Trucks are out and the great tree mangling of Fall 2016 is in full swing 🙂

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