Last Chance To Get Wood Before Winter Hits!

Posted: November 19, 2016 in Articles

As you may know, winter is approaching. Winter is normally associated with cold weather! I am personally a fan of cold weather, but I still like the house to stay warm. We do have a heat pump, but we prefer to use our wood stove whenever possible. As such, we must have a rather sizable stack of logs that can fit in our woods stove.

Over the summer, we collected a decent amount of wood, but we’re still gathering wood. We’ve recently been referred to a place where there are huge oak logs. The owner doesn’t want them, so every once in a while, my dad with either me, Dink, or both as helpers, has been going out there with a truck and splitting the logs into slightly smaller but still large pieces. We then take the still large pieces back to a friend’s house where we split them with the wood splitter he has let us use. After that, we transport the nicely split white oak to our house where we can stack it.

So far, we have almost three cords, but we’ll need probably a little bit more to last us through the winter. We’re hoping we will be able to get all the rest of the wood we need from the place we’ve been going to. Just today, my dad and Dink went to get some more white oak (I stayed behind because I’m recovering from a cold). Hopefully, we’ll have enough soon!

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