So Old It’s New

Posted: November 12, 2016 in Articles

Most of our family isn’t really technologically advanced. In general, we don’t really care too much about phones or other such pieces of technology. My parents need to have phones, of course, to communicate with people, but they usually just buy the cheapest flip-phones they can find. And that’s only when their old phones die completely.

Anyway, my mom’s phone is so old at this point that to some people, it seems very novel. My mom teaches young children who are used to only having the newest phones available and have never seen an old flip-phone. Thus, when they see my mom texting someone or otherwise using her phone, they are intrigued indeed. They think perhaps it’s a new model, and when they see the keyboard, their minds are really blown away.

I guess it’s kind of like an antique for a young person!

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