Free Farberware From Safeway

Posted: November 7, 2016 in Articles
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We’ve been shopping at Safeway steadily (we always shop at Safeway) since the began running their new promotion. We’ve managed to already acquire 70 stamps and have turned them in for a shiny new 8.25″ non-stick Farberware pan. So far, we can confirm that it is, in fact, non-stick. Admittedly, we don’t use small pans on a daily basis, but our last small Farberware pan, though it started out non-stick, had become quite – what’s the word – non-non-stick. We have, of course, thrown out that one since we came to possess our new one. I think we’ll find that having a slightly more functional small pan is nice.

We’ve still got some time before January 3, 2017, which is when the promotion ends, so we’re starting to collect 120 stamps in order to get a six quart covered stockpot. After that, I guess we’ll see how much time we have left 🙂

  1. Janet says:

    I read on Acme’s website and from a visitor comment on Safeway’s Facebook page that the redemption period has been extended to February and that more stock is being ordered? Not sure if this affects all stores or not but it might be worth checking out if anyone is still missing their cookware!

  2. manne says:

    It’s January 11th 2017 and I just left my local Safeway I am unable to get the pan I want and I was told they only had 10 pans shipped to their store today their next shipment is next week on Wednesday and Thursday and they are not guaranteeing pans for their customers basically I have collected stamps and I will not be rewarded in Safeway and Farberware or not working to fix the problem this is a huge disappointment as I have collected 214 stamps at $10 a stamp

    • I guess it depends on a person’s local Safeway store. Ours is fulfilling everyone’s wishes. Farberware has nothing to do with the promotion per se, but your Safeway should honor your stamps.

    • Jim says:

      Same with me here in Northern Virginia. Not having a reasonable supply, yet encouraging customers to shop there to earn that reward, is simple fraud.

      It’s not enough for me to do anything about except be angry, but I am hoping that a lawyer takes this up as a class action.

      • Definitely stinks. We always shop at Safeway because it’s the closest store to us, but if we shopped there specifically for the reward, yeah, we’d be pissed off too.

  3. kristine says:

    really upset that all they have to offer are the teplalon pots and pans. I waited and earned over 250 stamps and feel cheated that they can not be redeemed for the stainless steel pots I had seen earlier in the month and would choose. They tell me while supplies last. Really

    • That is too bad! Our Safeway is ordering more to fulfill everyone’s choices. That’s what they all should be doing imo. If they aren’t going to give the prizes they are passing stamps out for, they shouldn’t pass out the stamps. Sorry about that.

  4. Allisia M. Abalo says:

    I don’t know why I’ve become attached to the promotion but I’ve been buying things that I dont need. I’ve already collected over 400 stamps. My husband said I should have just bought the pans actually several sets and saved a ton of money. However that takes all the fun out of it lol.

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