To All Millennials

Posted: October 15, 2016 in Articles
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The decline of McDonald’s is indeed, in my opinion, long overdue. A while ago, I read an article that said that McDonald’s needed to close a large number of their restaurants (I did forget the exact number) and today, I read an article that said that only one out of every five millennials has eaten a Big Mac.

Even though I’m not a millennial, I’ve never eaten a Big Mac and I only remember about four distinct times that I’ve even eaten at McDonald’s. Given that I haven’t returned a lot, perhaps I regretted my decisions.

Now that McDonald’s has seen that slightly “healthier” burgers are catching on, they’re going to try to make theirs more healthy as well. I wonder how that’s going to work. Personally, I wouldn’t really trust any McDonald’s food anymore. They’ve gained a rather… sinister reputation.

Anyway, I’m getting slightly off track. I did want to ask a question in this article. Purely out of curiosity, I’d like to know if any millennials reading this have ever eaten a Big Mac.


  1. Crystal says:

    I stopped eating McDonalds about 3 years ago and I don’t miss it! Even when I was unemployed and broke I wouldn’t eat their food, it’s the worst food on earth!

  2. As you know, I’m not a millennial, but I’ve only ever eaten one, and that a long time before 2000 a.d.

  3. Libby says:

    I’m older than that but all the same l have never eaten a Big Mac, and I’m not fond of beef burgers anyway, nor have I eaten at McDonald’s more than a couple of times, I thought the food was horrible!

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