Another One Losing Their Wisdom

Posted: October 12, 2016 in Articles


Yes, yet another set of wisdom teeth has been removed successfully from our family. This time they belonged to Dink. Even though he only had three, they were all impacted, so it was a fairly traumatic operation. He went in yesterday morning to have them removed and it took about an hour. When he got back, it seemed the surgical anesthesia hadn’t fully worn off, as he was pretty out of it. It was rather amusing. Anyway, he ate some mashed potatoes, swallowed his various pills, took an ice pack, and went back to sleep in his room.

I’ve now seen two of my siblings lose their wisdom teeth, so I guess I know what I’m in for. I also looked at the sheet of restrictions/instructions for after the surgery. They instruct patients to keep their heads elevated when lying down, which is why Dink is propped up against a corner in the picture. You can not disturb the empty sockets in any way, you can’t spit, rinse, or probe at it with anything. And, most unfortunately, you can’t drink out of a straw for three days after the surgery. Dink does so love to drink out of a straw.

The last time I was at the dentist, they took x-rays of my mouth and they could see my wisdom teeth. I was thinking that I might be able to get them taken out next summer, but I guess it depends on what my wisdom teeth are doing. If the doctors would have to drill through too much bone, it probably wouldn’t be worth it, but on the other hand, the teeth wouldn’t have fully developed roots. I suppose we’ll consult an expert when the time comes!

Anyway, Dink sure is going to miss solid food for a couple more days.

  1. Ramona Wafflehizer says:

    Quite the humorous young man you’re becoming, young John. Thanks for the laughs.

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