Pretty Darn Good Watermelon

Posted: September 9, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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Today we were able to harvest an Orangeglo Watermelon. These plants, in general, did better than they did last year, and I have my suspicions as to why that is. I read last winter that you’re not supposed to plant anything like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc. close to each other, because the plants can easily cross-pollinate and that will mess up the fruit. Last year, we made that mistake, but this year, all of our melon and squash plants were separated significantly and they definitely did better!

This watermelon was about 14″ long and 27″ in diameter and, if you didn’t guess from the name of the watermelon or see the pictures, the inside of the melon is orange instead of red or pink. And it’s really good! Extremely juicy although not the sweetest watermelon I’ve ever eaten. It’s one of the first real watermelons we’ve gotten from the garden, and we’re hoping that there are more to come. Even if we don’t get many more this year, we have saved a few seeds so that we can grow this variety again next year.

  1. bert0001 says:

    I think I see global warming happening on a small scale here around. The growing of melons/cantaloupe wouldn’t have been possible in our place 30 years ago. But slowly the latitude permitting to grow them has moved northwards, probably due to more and more greenhouse gases. The same is true for wine. Some people grow wine nowadays on the southern slopes here around. They started in the 1980’s with ever more success, year after year. Global warming seems to be the factor having enabled this too.
    I also remember how the mountains in Switzerland before the 1980’s carried a lot more snow during the summer than nowadays. That’s something I have seen with my own eyes, and could even find back comparing the old family pictures with those of today.

    • Actually, now that you mention it, a lot of our tomato plants died this summer. Too hot. They got plenty enough water; it was just too hot for them. And some of our peppers literally were dried/roasted on the plant. Hmmmm.

      • bert0001 says:

        … that’s the same problem …
        although one should measure all years of a decade to see a trend. One year, like my canteloupe, is not a proof. There was a very strong ‘El Niño’ this year, that also messed things up.

  2. bert0001 says:

    I never thought I could grow melon’s at all, but this year, I did grow cantaloupes , and last week I harvested 3. Today we ate 1. Fantastic.
    Global warming in my garden … less fantastic.

    • Cantaloupe is something we have never succeeded at. Congratulations on yours! How can you have global warming in just your garden? I have a feeling that when you answer me, I might feel stupid, but I’m going to ask anyway 🙂

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