Dink’s New (New) Car

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Articles

If you don’t remember from previous posts, Dink has had two cars since he got his license. His first car was a pretty cheap car, and when he had an accident a couple years ago, the car was totaled. Thankfully, it was the other person’s fault, so he got to get a new car! His next car was a much nicer car, but unfortunately, he had another accident after about a year with the car.

It was a head-on collision while going around a curve. While Dink said that the other guy wasn’t in his lane, the other guy, of course, had another story. The policemen said there was no way to tell and the insurance companies also ruled that they couldn’t tell.  Therefore, the official ruling was that it was neither party’s fault, and so each person had to pay for their own damages.

So Dink had to start looking for a new car, yet again. He found a car pretty quickly and it was, thankfully, in his price range. He wound up buying a white 1999 Toyota Corolla. For $2,000, the car is pretty nice but not without problems. Its tires were worn down and needed to be replaced, but that got taken care of quickly.  In addition, the two front doors don’t have handles; somehow, the plastic just broke (according to the man who sold it to us). Anyway, the door handle situation is being worked on.

This is now Dink’s third car, and hopefully, it won’t get totaled quite as quickly as his other ones!

  1. For goodness sake, Dink, look after yourself

    • LOL. Yes, It’s a little embarrassing. I got banged up a little more the last time – mostly from the air bag and seat belt shoulder strap. Yes, I’ll try to be as alert as I can now, thanks so much.

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