A Mini Clementine with a Husk

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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In an entry written in June, we mentioned cape gooseberries, which we’re growing for the first time this year. A cape gooseberries is a small bush that can be perennial in tropical areas (they are native to Peru) but for us, they will be annual. They are related to the tomatillo and the tomato. They grow in a shell like a tomatillo, and when ripe, the shells will be dry and the berries inside will be an orange color. The taste is really quite interesting.

The only thing that comes to my mind when eating a cape gooseberry is a clementine. The berries are rather citrusy, sweet, and sour, and they have a tiny tomato aftertaste. To me, it tastes like a mini clementine. Due to the unique taste, I had no idea what one would do with these berries until I looked it up and found that cape gooseberries can be used in a variety of things both cooked and raw. A few uses seemed like they would be good: jam, pies, and in salsa. Applications in savory dishes were a little hard to find which, I think, explains the fact that I didn’t find any.

In any case, the flavor of the cape gooseberries is very nice, but it’s going to be a little difficult to find a good use of them. For now, we just pick and eat the ripe ones when working outside. The husks come in handy when your hands are dirty because you never have to touch the fruit inside!

If you grow cape gooseberries, what do you do with them?

  1. I like the dry humour in this one

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