What to Write?

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Articles

If it’s not obvious, nothing has been published on The Weekly Day (where every day feels like a week) for the past few days, and in the past, there have been rather long stretches of time wherein nothing was published. Sometimes that’s because I’m busy, but usually if I don’t write anything for a couple of days it’s because I can’t think of anything to write.

Normally I’ll write about news articles, garden stuff, or any event in my life (a bike ride, hike, or other notable outing). I would write about what happens to me day-to-day, but, well, therein lies the problem. I believe a quote from an imaginary character sums up what I’m thinking: “Nothing happens to me.”

I don’t mean that literally, of course, but my thoughts are usually on school and when they aren’t, I’m sleeping or writing a blog entry – or perhaps I’m at a martial arts class. Point being, short of writing about what, if anything, I learned in school, there is usually nothing from my daily life that I can write about.

While an unconventional article, it’s not so much to say anything as to ask how one makes one’s life interesting enough to be able to write about stuff in it, whether it be a news article that you read or simply what you did that day. How does one find things to write within regular life? And, on a much more serious note, what is an original thought from an opinionated mind that can be turned into an article?Riddle

Moving on, today I learned that there are two main groups of organisms in Kingdom Protista: protozoa and algae. I also realized that I had an email from Dink that had been sitting in my inbox for ten days containing the riddle which is embedded in this article. Aside from boring things I did today, I kicked/punched objects and I stroked a cat. And finally, I learned how difficult it is to convey sarcasm through writing! I would, though, like to know how you would or do find things to write about on a daily basis.

  1. At my stage of life I have memories and photographs to call upon

    • Yeah. Writing for us was easier when we lived in Philadelphia because there was always something (or someone) to see. A new restaurant to check out, a concert, etc. Here, people just drive to work and cut their grass and the only things to see within walking distance are homes. Not complaining, I just have to find a different way. Thanks for your comment!

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