A Good Time to be a Pastor

Posted: July 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Our church had a meeting after the service, the purpose of which was to elect new people to handle various things around the church. During the meeting, they also presented the church’s budget for next year. It was during all the pictures of pie charts and graphs and stuff that I saw what our senior pastor is getting paid. I thought it was astounding. Our senior pastor gets paid $180,000 and the assistant pastor gets paid $120,000. Both of them get paid more than my dad, and the senior pastor makes more than my dad and mom combined.

We didn’t realize that pastors make so much money. It could explain why there are so many churches out there with pastors who don’t really preach anything.

Anyway, when Dink was small, he had a Pastor Dink routine during which he said, “It’s not going to, it’s want to,” and literally nothing else. Perhaps it’s time to revive Pastor Dink!

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