To The Beach, Finally!

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Articles
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As we mentioned a while back, we were planning to go the beach this week. We haven’t really done anything all summer, but this week most of us were free, so we’ve been going to a few places. Over the past few days, we’ve been to a beach on Fenwick Island, Delaware, and also to the beach at Assateague State Park, on the Maryland side.

Both beaches are quite close to Ocean City, but Fenwick Island is more built up than Assateague. There are a lot of hotels and other rentals, gift shops, restaurants, and there are also what look like apartment homes that people live in permanently. It’s a lot different than what we’re used to.

Assateague State Park was another nice beach. We did notice that its waters were significantly cleaner than Fenwick Island’s. After getting out of the water at Fenwick Island, my hair could stay standing straight up, and my skin felt like dried brine. The water at Assateague didn’t do either of those things to me, and it was a really clear blue color. Also, the area around the state park was not built up at all. I didn’t see a single hotel on the way there and not many people were there either. Perhaps that’s why the water was cleaner?

One thing we didn’t like about Assateague State Park was their rather lengthy list of rules. To list just a few, you can’t remove, disturb, damage, or destroy a plant, you can’t feed, touch, tease, frighten, or intentionally disturb wildlife, any hole that you dig on the beach can only be as deep as the knees of the smallest person in your party, any hole that you dig has to be filled in before you leave the beach, and you can’t have glass, alcohol, inflatables, pets, grills, fires, food, drinks, or coolers on the beach. It’s not that we necessarily wanted to do any of these things; it’s just being told that we couldn’t do any of these things.

In addition, when we got to the state park, the beach was closed on account of a thunderstorm that had just ended. It kind of makes sense to kick people off a beach when lightning is striking, but it seems like the beach-goers could probably use common sense. Even after the storm was over, the beach stayed closed for another half-hour whenever a life-guard or park security person heard a roll of thunder. We’ve never been to a beach where someone told us to leave if there was a thunderstorm. We just left because we didn’t want to get struck by lightening. It was weird to us to have the beach roped off…

What we realized on our beach trip, was that it is possible for us to actually take a beach day trip and still have a lot of fun. The only part you miss is some night life or vegging in front of a television after a fun day in the sun 🙂

  1. Good pics. Maybe another trip is in order 🙂

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