Home Again – Garden Update, Late July 2016

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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Last week, it was too hot to work outside. Then we went to the beach. Yesterday, it rained.

Today, after a week, we ventured outside to see what was happening. The garden was pretty much a wreck with weeds and plants needing staking, pruning, and harvesting. We spent much of the afternoon cutting grass, clearing weeds and staking tomato and pepper plants. Spent kale plants were pulled and bad tomatoes were collected and they all went into the chickens’ enclosure. The chickens also enjoyed a day outside. They spent most of their time in the garden alternately eating chard, tomatoes, blueberries, and lots of bugs. They didn’t even have to scratch for their food on account of the abundance!

Tomatoes and peppers were picked specifically for making salsa (except that green pepper someone put in there)

Watermelons are cramped, but coming along. Jerusalem artichokes survived. A couple of kumquat flowers, and vacant cages soon to be covering some broccoli, kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprout plants.

Some mushrooms popped up overnight after lots of rain.



Random harvest of cucumbers, Jimmy Nardello peppers, green peppers, Juliet grape tomatoes, and poblano peppers still waiting to be picked.

Here we have a mass of cape gooseberries which may be threatening our Green Machine melons. Our pole beans are thriving. Can you see the limas? A handful of edamame for our sister who just returned from Canada. Our resident groundhog has been helping himself to one of her favorites.

Lots of plants are making seeds now and we are letting a lot of them just go on and do their business. The seeds will drop where they are and start a lot of new plants. The arugula has already dropped seeds and restarted. Yellow finches and other songbirds have been gorging themselves on the marigold seeds. When I rubbed the dill seed head to get some more plants started, I smelled pickles 🙂

And just in case anyone thought all we ever do is work in the garden, wrong. Our front door is also getting painted.


We have a couple more trips to look forward to, so working today after getting refreshed at the beaches was not too bad!

  1. Impressive crops and photography

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