Despicable Liar

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Articles
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Today, Dink came home from work and reported that a new person who has been working at the restaurant had a sly plan. Her sly plan was to intentionally not do her job and to eventually get fired.

She wanted to get fired so that she could sue the white restaurant managers for being racist. Unfortunately, she tried to convince a loyal employee to join her in her ingenious and original little ploy and that loyal employee reported the plan to the managers. The managers promptly called the owner who promptly called his lawyer.

What a pathetic little person she is. As we once wrote, liars are losers.

  1. pobept says:

    sad but it seems I see and hear of this kind of actions from ‘mostly’ younger employees. They don’t want a real job, just a 4 digit pay check for ‘sometimes’ showing up for work on time.

  2. At school I didn’t like physics. I noticed that people who mucked about were excluded. I mucked about. Result 🙂 (But I wasn’t after money)

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