Cooking Shows Aren’t Epic

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Reviews
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KnifeyKnifeA few days ago we finished all four seasons of Cutthroat Kitchen that were available to us on Netflix, and we have started to watch Chopped, another cooking show on Netflix. About two episodes in, I noticed that they made the same mistake as Swamp People started to. They tried to make it epic and suspenseful with slow-motion and heroic music. I seem to find it more funny than anything else.

It’s a fairly entertaining show to watch nonetheless. The show might be a better judge of how well someone can actually cook, since there are no sabotages. Instead of sabotages that can be bought, there are four mystery ingredients that the chefs must use in each round. Other than that, it works almost like Cutthroat Kitchen; there are four chefs and three rounds, the first being an appetizer round, the next is one wherein the chefs must make an entrée, and in the last round, a dessert must be made. After every round, one chef is “chopped,” and the last chef remaining usually wins $10,000.

I have actually learned a few things from Chopped. I’ve learned that if you put potatoes in a blender, they get gummy and that if you cook something salty down, it just gets saltier. I’ve also learned that the skin of mahi mahi is not edible, but I will probably never need to know that, so I think I’ll discard the knowledge with haste.

Overall, it’s a fun thing to have playing over supper.

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