Dash Cam Review

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Reviews, Videos
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My dad recently bought a dash cam for our main car. If you don’t know what a dash cam is, it’s a camera that goes on your windshield like a GPS. It records when you start your car (assuming everything is set up and plugged in) and saves a series of 1 minute long files. Most people purchase dash cams in order to have a recording available in the case of an accident.

Ever since Dink was involved in an accident, we thought a dash cam would be a good thing to have (a man was texting in the car in back of Dink, rear ended him, and then lied and tried to lay the blame on Dink).

The dash cam we now own, the Thinkware dash cam X500D, has a camera to go in the back of your car as well as in the front, and it also alerts you of red light cameras and speed cameras. That’s quite convenient for us, especially when we’re driving in new areas. We live in the sorry state of Maryland and speed cameras are all the rage, neatly tucked away behind trees, hedges, telephone poles, etc.

Some more of the features that come with the camera are: a 32GB MicroSD card that can store two hours of footage before it records over previously saved footage, the ability to operate in extreme temperatures, and a screen which shows what is being recorded.

We haven’t tried the back camera yet, but the front-facing camera is very good. The resolution is good, the audio is respectable, and it’s not too bumpy unless the road is. It’s pretty easy to attach to the windshield, and it has a good system for saving and loading files onto a computer. If the camera detects an accident, it will start recording ten seconds before the accident and ten seconds after and save it in a special file that will not be recorded over on the MicroSD card. Time, date, and location are automatically saved. You can also press a button to manually make it record 10 seconds before and fifty seconds after you pressed the button. The camera does great in daylight and surprisingly, it also does great at night.

So far, our dad is so happy with it as a whole, that he wants to get another one for the car he drives to work. We’d rate the dash cam an average of a 9.8. It is pricey, though, at $233.00.

Note: The following video is a minute from the University of Maryland campus during the daytime and then another minute on a random highway at night. It’s not terribly interesting, but you can at least see the quality of the video in the daytime and at night. Also, when you watch the video of us driving through the college campus, it looks like we are driving faster then we actually are. Not exactly sure why it looks this way.

  1. I trust Dink is free of whiplash injury

    • He is, thank you. There have been a couple other incidences which finally prompted my father to get this camera. He said being warned of speed traps was enough to pay for the camera (if you were the type to speed that is đŸ™‚ ).

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