The Common Sense Driving Class

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Articles

Someone we know was ticketed recently because they passed a car in a no-pass zone. The MVA told him that he had to take a “driver improvement” course or they would suspend his license. He is now working on it, but he says that it’s really just a combination of common sense and stupidity. The questions are so easy that he thinks he’ll be done with the 11 part course by the end of the week.

You can see the types of questions they ask by looking at the screenshots I’ve included. Also, he said that they might tell you something like, “This incident gives your license this many points,” in one section, and then in the next, ask you, “How many points does this incident put on your license?” Not very challenging, but I suppose that isn’t the point of the course requirement.

This course is not free. It costs $50.00 – just painful enough to make sure you drive more carefully in the future. It’s also pretty nice revenue for the state.

  1. Jeff says:

    They call it “defensive driving” in Texas. And we don’t get points on our licenses. That’s interesting. Defensive driving classes can get a ticket off of a driver’s record and keep his insurance from going up.

  2. That looks as if it is just on line and little effort. Over here we have to attend a course for speeding, so it is a bit more of a nuisance

    • I hope the MVA never gets that idea! We thought paying $50.00 and doing the online course was bad enough. I guess a situation can always be worse and you’ve just proven that, yes, it really can.

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