Processing Harvests – Early July 2016, New Favorite Pie!

Posted: July 3, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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This year when our blueberries started to come in, as always, we started to make pies in addition to simply eating berries by the handful. It turned out that most people in our family were actually tired of our regular chilled pie, so my dad looked for a new recipe. He soon found a recipe for a chilled lemon blueberry pie, and upon making and trying it, we found that it is indeed quite good!

It is now my new favorite chilled blueberry pie. It still uses the same graham cracker crust as the old chilled pie, but it has a very lemony cream cheese filling and the blueberries which top the pie are coated with a lemon glaze. The glaze is made from frozen lemonade and sugar and is nice and tart. This is the link to the new chilled blueberry pie recipe:

We also tried out a glazed blueberry fritter recipe. They are really great if you like fritters. They taste good even if you don’t glaze them and because they are deep-fried, they have a great crispy exterior. I think everyone ate 4 each 🙂 Ours didn’t look great, but they sure tasted great!


Last, but not least, blueberry pie filling is being put up in the freezer for cooked pie until next season. Each bag makes one large pie and we usually freeze anywhere from 4-8 bags. Oh, and blueberry muffins are also being frozen. Anywhere from 2-4 dozen will be put up for later.

Blueberry season only has a couple more weeks left. Birds have also been enjoying the berries and catbirds, in particular. They dive into the bushes even while we are picking 🙂

  1. Jeff says:

    That pie looks delicious. Our family makes a cherry pie like that, and I love it. That lemony cream cheese filling is amazing!

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