New Chickens Finally Paying Off

Posted: July 2, 2016 in Yard and Garden

DSCF3448As you may know, we bought three new chickens this spring. We had a bit of trouble making them get along with the older chickens, but now they can, in general, hold their own. In addition, they’re finally laying eggs! Yesterday we got three small eggs as well as two larger eggs.

We made a bit of a mistake in regards to our chickens, though. We should have just gotten rid of all five of our old chickens, but instead, we got three more and integrated them (rather painstakingly). Now that our old ones are petering out, we are going to need to give them to a farm. At that point, we’ll either have to stick with three chickens for several years, buy more and go through the same long process of getting the older chickens to accept the younger ones, or give the three chickens away to the same farm and just a whole new lot.

Decisions, decisions. At least we’ll have a more regular egg supply now!

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