The Tree Dilemma

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Articles, Polls

For a long time, my mom has not liked the fact that our house is incredibly shaded. The previous owner planted two maple trees close to the house, as well as white dogwoods all throughout the front yard and lining the driveway. Our front yard does look very nice for the short amount of time that the dogwoods bloom, but the dogwoods in combination with the two very large maples make our house very, very concealed.

The placement of the maples is a little odd as well. One of the trees is practically right in front of the house. They aren’t balanced on either side of the house. No, one is in the front a little to the right and the other is a further away from the house and far over to the left. Yesterday, my parents tried to address the intense shade from the trees.

After cutting down some limbs, the house was much more bright. It did, of course, mean a very big clean up job today. Anyway, we’re considering just cutting down the maple on the right for several reasons. Since it’s a big tree, it drains the ground of nutrients and water, so hardly any grass grows under the trees, especially since it gets no sun during the summer. No flowers can be planted in the ground; they must be in containers. Lastly, the tree is only 18 feet from the end of our porch, so the roots could potentially cause some problems in the future.

The last problem with this tree is that because it’s so close to our house, some branches hang over our house. We do trim those branches, but many “helicopters” still float into our gutters, which results in a lot of little maple trees growing in our gutters. So. Should we cut down this tree? I am concerned that perhaps the yard would look a bit unbalanced without it, but it is causing some problems. What do you think?

  1. Libby says:

    I know the problem, we also have some too near the house stealing the sunlight. (We have already cleared a few but there are more, being left for the present!) Whilst I hate to see trees cut down sometimes it is necessary. I don’t think cutting down the one nearest the house should be a problem. If it bothers you, you could always replace it by planting a new one much further away!

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