Yesterday, as you may know, was Father’s Day in America, and we spent the day at home with most of our family members. We had a nice meal and gave our dad some gifts. We gave him a battery powered drill,  a cap (because he works outside in the sun a lot), and some clothes. One of our sisters made him some very tasty trail mix.

He had one of his favorites meals, shrimp with pasta. On the side was salad and zucchini. For dessert, he had a chocolate mousse something-or-other.

Here is the drill he received:


For great entertainment was some piano playing by my sister and me 🙂 Most of our family members play the piano, and whenever my sister comes over, we always play duets. This was one of the duets we played. The duets were all pretty fun, even though some of them didn’t sound… as intended, especially since we were sight-reading them.


Our sister also still plays at the church where a kind woman always gives her little dessert items. Today, our sister brought these “Homerun balls” for us to try. They’re really soft, chocolate filled doughnut-hole type things that really aren’t that good. Not surprisingly, the first ingredient is white sugar!


Lastly, we installed some things called Scarecrows a couple days ago. They’re motion activated sprinklers made by Contech that are designed to scare away unwanted animals. They have an adjustable spray distance and arc, as well as an adjustable motion sensitivity. They attach to hoses and have quite the startling burst of water. Perfect for us, what with the deer coming through. Since we put these in, there has been no more damage, but we don’t know if it’s because of the scarecrows or not.

In any case, they’re pretty fun on a hot day!

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