What Are Those Circles?

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Articles
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Niles flew off to Denver, CO, and sent us this picture. He was asking what all those circles on the ground are, and since we didn’t know, we were curious as well.

It turns out that the circles are a result of an irrigation system called center pivot irrigation or central pivot irrigation. In this system, there is a thing in the middle of a circle. I believe it’s basically a large metal arm that has sprinklers attached to it. It rotates around a pivot point, which is the center of the circle, and sprinkles water on the crops. That’s why the crops are planted in the shape of either part of a circle or a whole circle.

It does look kind of weird especially from out of a plane window, but apparently it’s a very efficient system of irrigation which is why so many people use it. If you go to Google Maps and look at the Kansas and Colorado area, there are a ton of these circles all around. It’s kind of funny!

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