Garden Update – Early June 2016

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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We are still working on getting everything into the garden, but thought we’d give an early June garden update anyway. If you want to see what plant I’ve taken a pictures of, you can move your cursor over the pictures and a tag will appear (sometimes there’s a caption, sometimes there’s not).

First of all, thank you, Niles, Dink and me (Dink & I not pictured), for breaking new ground for the main garden!

In the new section, we put in some zucchini, a small patch of corn, tomatoes, peppers, pole beans (just last night), beets and our best garden flower, short marigolds. Since this ground was just broken, there were tons of rocks. We are staggering our corn in 3 separate plantings; this is the first and the other two plantings will go in the old part of the garden. Zucchini will also be staggered.

Next up, lettuces which need to be harvested, Sugar snaps, which are good to eat outside while working (along with strawberries), and more.

Next is a shot of one of our favorites eating tomatoes, Brandy Boy Hybrids. New tomato cages made by our dad are looking good. Kale plants will be harvested tomorrow and we will make kale chips for our sister who loves them. Blueberries and peppers are coming along!

Next, some pictures of random flowers and a flat of marigolds which need to be put in the ground. While walking around, I smelled something very good. It turned out to be honeysuckle which blew into our yard sometime last year. So now we have honeysuckle smothering a hydrangea bush that wasn’t doing well. At least it is serving a purpose this year 🙂

Baby tomatoes, baby apples, and other things:

A small handful of strawberries to eat before continuing….


What’s left?

Well, we have to get our watermelon, other melon, pumpkin, and winter squash beds ready for planting. Then we have to get our Cape Gooseberries in as well. Right now they are in pots. They attract cucumber beetles like nuts which perhaps is a good thing, since they aren’t getting onto our cucumber plants! Every time my mother walks by these plants, she has to squash the beetles and any eggs which they may have laid. Here are the eggs and some damage the beetles do:


We have a little family of rabbits living in our yard. Today a large rabbit was in the greenhouse and caused some damage to a few seedlings on the ground as well as freaked my mother out when it dashed out the door 🙂

  1. nannygrannie says:

    Looking amazing! I’m impressed. We just harvested radishes and bokchoy,looking forward to seeing how yours does. Happy growing.

    • Thank you very much. I went over to your blog to see your radishes & bokchoy. I didn’t know that’s what bokchoy looked like. Anyway, I couldn’t see a “follow” button or anything. Am I just blind? Are you really a grannie? We are expecting bad thunderstorms with high winds, hail, and possible tornado. I hope our whole entire garden doesn’t get destroyed…

      • nannygrannie says:

        That is silly, I sure want a follow button if I don’t have one…strange, maybe try again? 😀 I’m not a granny, just a nanny. But I’d say I’m an old soul, hence the granny part of my name. I will be hoping your garden doesn’t blow away, that would be so awful!!! Looking forward to following you. 🙂

      • I think I am following you now and I look forward to reading!

  2. Libby says:

    Looking fabulous. What a lot of work you have put in! I’m afraid my garden has been a little neglected so far this year due to bad weather early on and lack of time. Have just about managed a little weeding time since we got home from Spain earlier this week but it needs much more yet.

    • Thank you, Libby. Every year is different and we are getting things in much later than last year for the same reason as you – bad weather and to some extent, lack of time. All anyone can do is what they can do, right?

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