Swiss Pull Chop Review

Posted: June 1, 2016 in Reviews

My mother and I were over at my friend’s house a couple days ago. She had come to pick me up, but got caught in a conversation with my friend’s dad. I ended up staying about two hours longer than expected, which should probably have been expected in the first place. Anyway, my mom left the house with lots of information. One of the things that my friend’s father told her about was a small kitchen appliance called a Swiss Pull Chop, by Kuhn Rikon.

It is basically a mini food processor. The gadget is a glass jar with two very thin and sharp blades inside. It has a top with a handle, which is attached to a chord. When you pull the chord, the blades spin and chop the food within. Hey, a rhyme!

Perhaps in this case, it would be easier to see what happens than to read what happens. This will be very useful for us this summer, and on a scale from one to ten, we’d rate it a 9.7. It’s .3 points away from a perfect 10 simply because it can’t chop that much food at one time. It is quite fun to use, though!

Note: The video shows me using it for only the second time. We had no idea how much onion the thing could handle. It turns out that we could probably have put in at least one more onion chunk of the same size. We later used it to chop cabbage and carrots (for cole slaw), both of which it handled with ease. This thing is also very easy to clean.

By the way, my pinkie is crooked because it was broken – twice 🙂


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