Salad Dressing Mixer Review

Posted: May 28, 2016 in Reviews
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We came into possession of a glass bottle recently. It is, in general, an ordinary bottle, but it is named a “salad dressing mixer” and it has salad dressing recipes printed on its surface. This makes it quite a useful bottle.

Today, I tried making the recipe for honey mustard dressing which they gave. The recipes usually have you put in certain amounts of spices and then fill  with liquids to certain points. Such was the case with this recipe. I found while making it that the mouth is a little small, which made it hard to put in 4 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. I wound up putting it in a half of a teaspoon at a time. That, actually, was my only complaint.

After putting all the ingredients into the bottle, you must simply shake it vigorously – after putting on the cap, of course. I did have to stick in a chopstick to stir up the spices at the bottom of the bottle, but it wasn’t a big problem. The finished product, made from the recipe the bottle gives for honey mustard dressing, was quite good and we had it with our supper tonight.

This glass bottle will be very good for us this summer. As long as someone expends the effort, we’ll always have homemade salad dressing in the fridge. On a scale of one to ten, we’d rate this a 9.5. This is the exact product from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It costs $5.99.

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