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Posted: May 24, 2016 in Reviews
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cutthroatOur brother recently introduced us to a show called “Cutthroat Kitchen” which, if you cannot tell, is a sort of cooking show. We don’t normally watch a lot of TV, but after watching a few episodes , we have all decided that we like it.

This show, from what I can tell, began in 2013 and they are continuing to make new episodes today. Probably most people have heard of the show, but just in case you’re like us and you haven’t, the program features four different and competing chefs in each episode. There are three rounds in each episode, and after every round, one chef is eliminated. Each round is focused on a different dish, be it cupcakes, fish and chips, pizza, or anything else.

At the beginning of each episode, all the chefs are given $25,000 for “auctions” that will be held in each round. Then, after the meal is named, the chefs are given a minute to gather everything they need to make the dish in a pantry. Then, the first auction is held.

Up for auction are things like empty baskets, camp stoves, and spoons. All items have a different function, and are generally used to make your opponents’ cooking task harder.

The chefs have a certain amount of time to prepare their dish, after which another chef, presumably a professional, eats and judges each person’s dish. The person whose dish the judge likes the least goes home. The last chef standing gets to keep whatever money he or she didn’t spend in auctions.

Such is the basic structure of most of the episodes we’ve seen so far. It reminds us of the show Top Shot, in a way. The show is pretty fun to watch, and as far as I can tell, it is still being recorded and there are already twelve seasons. It should keep us occupied for a while 🙂

One thing about this show, though, is that you won’t learn how to cook from it. It’s solely for entertainment, not learning. But who wants to learn when watching TV and eating supper with your family? And yes, sometimes we watch TV while eating supper 🙂 Does anyone else ever do that?

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