More Foods to Avoid

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Articles

grossToday I saw an article which suggested to avoid all foods from China and included a list of foods which frequently come from China. Foods that often come from China include garlic, chicken, and rice, as well as a few other things that we buy frequently. When we do buy these things, we just have to make sure that we know where they’re coming from. I’m not sure why we need to get garlic and chicken from China anyway, since the United States is perfectly capable of producing all the garlic and chicken we need.

Anyway, there’s a local problem in China which involves industrial salt being sold to Chinese people as food-grade. Theoretically, any salt from China could be industrial grade salt. Thankfully, we get our salt from a company called Celtic Sea Salt which uses actual sea salt and tests it for radiation twice.

Be careful when buying these foods since a lot of them come from China. We were at a place which had bulk meat shipments recently and they didn’t even know where their cod came from!

By the way, I also just read a story about China packaging up human flesh in cans to ship out to Africa. Of course they deny it vehemently, and it may not be true; however, I don’t have any problem believing that they would do such a thing. If it comes from China, better beware.

  1. Ribonuke211 says:

    Dude, I don’t even trust my OWN country’s salt. Even the US is capable of producing crummy products; a lot of needless corn syrup is in US-produced foods to subsidize corn farmer. A rise in any economy, foreign or not, often means people have figured out ways to cut corners without realizing the impact it causes.

    I admit, the wording of this post made my hackles rise a bit as well, but I don’t think the context was INTENDED to defame…maybe the “If it comes from China, better beware.” was a bit of troll-bait, but it pays to use your own discretion when dealing with products coming from such a heavily-industrialized region.

  2. A political interest here?

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