Surgery, Now with Forced Vaccinations!

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Articles

Hospitals are no longer good organizations, by and large. Like almost everything, they are businesses with a single purpose in mind: make more money!

Certain people that have worked in hospitals have come out about things that they are doing there. One person, for instance, said that a medical system regularly gives vaccines to premature infants on the advice of the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule. This, in turn, can cause negative and very severe reactions in the infants.

Another person said that nurses are required to ask all patients if they have had their pneumococcal and flu vaccines. If the patient answers that they haven’t had either of those, a note goes into a computer that says that the patient has to get the vaccine. They don’t even have to ask a doctor. It’s simply hospital policy. One more bit of information from a nurse says that if you’re getting surgery and you haven’t had your vaccines, they’ll ask you to sign something for the surgery. This something basically means that they can give you anything that they think is necessary for the surgery, which, for some reason, includes vaccines. The thing is, they might not even tell you that you had a vaccine while sleeping for the surgery.

I wonder, though, why people aren’t asking more frequently why it’s so very important that they get a vaccine. The CDC has actually come out and said that the flu vaccine works less than 60 percent of the time.  There are a lot of people who are very much against certain vaccines, and hospitals try and succeed to force them on people, so in my opinion, it isn’t the worst assumption that the vaccines might not be all that people make them out to be.

If they were so great, people would willingly and happily take them. At least that’s what I think.


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