Muddy Work Today

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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After many days of rain, we finally got a break today and decided that, muddy or not, we were going to have to get some work done.

Wrong shoes first of all…


Our main job today was to cut a lot of sod for the enlargement of our main garden. We rented the sod cutter; it cost us $95/day, but since we rented it on a Saturday, we can keep it until Monday since the store is closed Sundays.

Here is our enlarged space and the rented sod cutter (which by the way worked great and made a hard job much, much easier). We used the sod in between raised beds and in pathways, turning it upside down. The chickens picked out grubs and worms and ate so many, they finally tired of them.

Green tomatillo plants in a side garden and a shot of the main garden: plants from front to back, Lincoln peas, Strike bush beans, Swiss chard, various peppers, Brandy Boy and Super Sauce tomatoes, and way in the back, zucchini plants. Our first 4.5″ pepper is an Anaheim Chile pepper.

Here’s me with our trusty tiller and proper footwear. And now I am going to eat some fried chicken and onion rings, And for dessert, I will eat a bowl of ice cream 🙂


  1. bert0001 says:

    planted paprika and tomatoes yesterday, and some cucumber …

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