No, We Do Not Need A Permit

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Articles

Today I read an article about North Carolina State University and their strict policy on student speech. Perhaps strict is an understatement. I think ridiculous would be a better fit.

Students are required to get a permit in order to speak to other students on campus. I’m not sure exactly what you need a permit for, but a particular Christian student union was told that they couldn’t even talk to other students within their union about religion. Other student unions would go off campus to avoid having to get a permit.

According to a college “official”, “There is an individual named Tommy who works for Grace who is essentially soliciting throughout the building… He walks up to a single person or duo of persons, starts with a hello and then starts the conversation into religion, ending with giving them a card.”

Besides the fact that this is not soliciting, so what?!? People do that to us all the time at the grocery store or in the street. You just either say “No, thank you” or you listen to what they have to say. If someone is particularly annoying, people just start ignoring them or they get a little testy and the “talker” gets the message and gives up or quiets down.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses” come to our house every so often and we do not like to engage with them. We either do not open the door or we just open it and quickly say that we have a church, thank you. We do not accept any papers and we do not get into any sort of conversation, and that is the end of that.

In this country, we do not need a permit to speak our minds! And while we’re on the subject, there is no such place as a “Free Speech Zone” either. We do not have to go to a particular area to speak, and we do not need to get a permit to speak either!

The Christian student union actually filed a lawsuit over this speech policy. It is unconstitutional and no one should have to get a permit just to talk to fellow students.


  1. bert0001 says:

    Well said — freedom of speech is a fundamental right, leading to small nuisances now and then …

  2. pobept says:

    Left leaning, socialist thinking, politically correct speech dictators are doing their best to silence Christians, and anyones ‘free’ speech from those that do not bow down to their often anti American views.
    Happy gardening

    • I think it’s funny that the hateful conservatives let anyone say anything they want and the loving liberals want to shut up anyone who disagrees with them. It’s actually amazing… and happy gardening back at you! Hope yours is a good one this year!

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