If You Hit Someone’s Car, Don’t Be a Jerk & Drive Away

Posted: May 3, 2016 in Articles
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Just this past week, both of our sisters’ cars were damaged by another person who left no note and left the scene.

What is it with people hitting your car, banging their car doors into them, and driving away? Who are these people?

One sister got her mirror knocked off – talk about cutting it close. Our other sister had her rear bumper smashed. Our mother is constantly getting scratches, bumps, etc. on her car. It even looks like people put very heavy items on top of her car and then DRAG them across the top leaving behind some ugly scratches.
Our parents tell us that when they were growing up, if you so much as tapped another person’s car, you left a note with your name and telephone number confessing what you had done, with the intention of paying for any damage you may have caused.

I wish everyone would try harder to be a decent person. I mean if you do any kind of damage to someone else’s property, you have to make it right; you have to pay for the damages if the owner wants anything fixed. Jeez – even a sincere apology would be nice.

So again – who are these people? What kind of jerk hits another person’s car and drives away?


I found this picture on the internet, but like most sayings, I have to wonder if it is just supposed to sound good or if it is actually true.

  1. “I have to wonder if it is just supposed to sound good or if it is actually true.” \

    I like this attitude of putting truth first.

    I too wonder if it is true. May be people like such statements because they find it comforting and it gives them consolation and hope that there is justice in the world after all.

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