The Face of Reason, Tolerance, and Love

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Articles

I saw this picture on the internet. This person was protesting Trump in California.

Who thinks they could carry on a rational discussion with this person on anything he disagreed with you about?

Seems like things are heating up in our country, and I wonder about it all. I mean, technically, the president isn’t supposed to have that much power. Technically, he is supposed to go through Congress.  Won’t things pretty much just stay the same? And won’t people pretty much keep on griping?

Anyway, we think anyone who wants to be President of the United States is weird. We think anyone who wants a position of power is weird. But then we like to leave people alone and be left alone in return. We think most people are like this, but maybe it isn’t working out too well for us. After all, if normal people don’t seek leading positions, it leaves real power-hungry weirdos to get them. They definitely don’t like to leave people alone. It’s a real problem…

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