Most of the things we are doing in the garden are investments which we hope will pay off. Not only will we not have to do them next year (or years to come), but we hope they will be so successful, that if we needed more, we would use some of the ideas we are using this year.

This newest cover is for our kale/cabbage/broccoli/ Brussels sprout/collard plants. This was made from leftover lumber from our greenhouse. Our next ones will be made with PVC pipes.

We made it with a roof so water/snow/ice won’t sit on the top when we use it with plastic during the coldest months. We also made it tall enough to accommodate broccoli and possibly even Brussels sprout). We wanted excellent protection from those lovely moths which lay eggs on the plants and provide us with so many little green worms which eat up our plants.

Since we don’t like to treat our plants if at all possible (not even with the organic stuff), we decided to try an anti-insect netting.

It is pricey according to our dad, but he says as long as it is taken care of properly, the netting should last us for many years (at least that is the hope).

The impression we get from the netting is that it is a very high quality product. It is tough, easy to work with, and when the sprinkler head is placed right on the material, we can water plants right through it (although it is best to remove cage and water). We can see through the material which we like better than some of the cloths we have used.

If you want anti-insect screen to keep out insects like aphids, flea beetles, white flies and other small pests, you will want this product instead.

So anyway, if you are looking for a solution to deal with insects on certain crops, we are extremely happy with this product and will be purchasing more for some of our in-ground crops. If you are interested in ordering, don’t wait too long. There is a considerable lead time and especially during the peak growing season.


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