Today was a really beautiful day and also the perfect temperature. I don’t know what it was, but it was perfect; not too hot, not too cold, and not too windy.

Here’s all the stuff we got done today (well, some of the stuff we got done today):

Cabbages and collards were planted in the bed next to the kale which was planted last week (cabbages on the right).


Most of the remaining seedlings in cups and otherwise were moved into the new greenhouse, which our dad just fitted with some great shelves. Our mother really loves it and also our sister wants another one built so she can live in it 🙂

Here are some pictures of a few herbs coming up (oregano, thyme, spearmint). And a 3+” hollowed-out stem of last year’s chard!

I found what I think is burdock right in our backyard next to the watermelon bed and baby pokeweed coming up in the next bed. We’re excited to try some burdock stems. We have already eaten pokeweed, but if we run out of greens, we can keep it in mind.

The best find of all were some May apples which I spotted on a drive back home today. After checking up on whose property it was on, I dug up a couple of plants and will put them in the same area as our ostrich fern and woodland poppies. They should do well there as it is shady and moist. The plants don’t fruit in May, as the name might imply, but hopefully we’ll get some mayapples sometime this summer. Even if we don’t get any from these, I can just walk down the road and get them. I’ll update you at that time about how they taste and what I think of them.

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