Solomon’s Seal and Ostrich Fern

Posted: April 17, 2016 in Wild Edible Plants
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As I mentioned yesterday, I was planning on eating some of the Solomon’s seal and ostrich fern in our yard, and today I did (and I shared a taste with others at the dinner table).

I made sure today that the ferns were indeed what I thought they were (ostrich) and verified again that both types of plants are edible. I didn’t want to kill the fern, so I was only able to pick one little shoot, but I noticed other ferns were coming up and am hoping that I can harvest a few more.

I also picked four Solomon’s seal shoots, but I think I was a little too late, because when we boiled and ate them they were very bitter. It was odd, though, because when I tried a piece raw, it didn’t taste bitter at all to me.

Anyway, the raw ostrich fern fiddlehead seemed just a little bit slimy in the middle to my parents, sort of a mild okra sliminess. I had some just after I picked it and it was not slimy so maybe it was because I put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. I think this is best when eaten just after it’s picked.

Anyway, I thought both of the vegetables tasted slightly sweet and mild when raw, and the ostrich fern had the tiniest hint of an apple flavor.

These are both quite enjoyable vegetables, and I think I might try to start some more Solomon’s seal in random places. It’s good to know that you can eat this stuff!

  1. You have such adventurous quisine

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