Cultivating Dandelions

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Wild Edible Plants

Has anyone else out there noticed an obsession with dandelions recently? Well we have. Apparently the dandelion greens craze is going around, though last year I ate some and it tasted very bitter to me. I didn’t like it, but maybe I ate them at the wrong time of year. Now, people have been taking their dandelion eating to the next level; they are digging up dandelion plants, putting them in pots, and cultivating them.

I guess I don’t get it because the one time I had the greens they were very unpleasant, and the only thing that I’d ever use dandelions for would be their roots, roasted, ground, and made into coffee. Some people must like the greens a lot more than me in order to cultivate the weed. Certain individuals are also cultivating wild parsnip and burdock. These plants might actually be worth cultivating in my opinion.

What I’m wondering is, what does cultivation do for a dandelion? We have tons right in our yard, and while I guess it would grow bigger in a pot with no weeds and healthy dirt, there are so many in the wild that it seems like you could have all the dandelion greens you wanted. Oh well. To each their own.

By the way, I cannot believe these pictures are of our grass. It actually looks pretty decent 🙂

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