Et Tu, Top Ramen?

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Articles
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Well, most everyone knows that a lot of products are decreasing in quality and/or quantity. Light bulbs with less wattage, plastic gears which wear out way too soon, and food companies keeping the exact same size packaging for a particular product but putting less food in it.

Less food in the same size packaging is something we’ve been seeing a lot and recently, upon purchasing some Ramen noodles, we noticed that there are significantly less noodles in their packages than there used to be. It used to be that two of us could share one package of noodles, but now, there are barely enough for one person.

In addition, there used to be these dried up pieces of scallion in the seasonings. They are not there anymore! How they could do this to a favorite snack for millions of Americans is beyond me.

Now we can’t even count on one of the cheapest and unhealthiest foods to remain the same…. sheesh.

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