Does Everyone Do This?

Posted: April 10, 2016 in Articles
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Today, we drew a new line for me on a door jamb in our house marking my height, which is now about 5′ 8″. Dink, Niles, and my father are the only ones to catch up on now. We haven’t checked this record of all the heights in a while, but today we noticed that towards the bottom, some of the earliest markings are fading. We think it’s because people use this particular door frame to swing around the corner as they are coming up the stairs. It’s too bad.

We have recorded all of the heights of everyone in our family throughout their lives, and I was just wondering if everyone does this. Do you?


  1. Libby says:

    We used to record the children’s height like this when they were little but stopped years ago and now live in a different house!

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