Mayan Fashion

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Articles

mayanheadshapingThere is an old South American group of Indians called the Mayas – you’ve probably heard of them. These Indians had some interesting practices (other than the human sacrifices) which I thought were worthy of comment. The Mayan Indians had a few abnormalities they inflicted upon their babies at a young age, and those abnormalities were considered beautiful.

The Mayas would use boards to flatten their children’s foreheads. They would also dangle objects between their eyes to make the child’s eyes permanently crossed. As I said before, these abnormalities were considered beautiful.

Oh, how the fashions change. Today, some models who are skinny and gruesome looking are considered attractive to some. Bulging muscles are an asset and body piercings and tattoos are all the rage. They say fashion goes in cycles and I am wondering when flattened foreheads and cross-eyes will be coming back. Maybe sooner than we think….

  1. Our current fashion is the full beard. I don’t understand the need to completely cover one’s face

    • That’s pretty popular around here too. The other day we saw 3-4 young men who were all sporting the same length hair and full beards and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better 🙂

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