Who Needs DC?

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Articles
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Some time ago, someone was asking us in shock why we never went down to DC to see the cherry blossoms in the spring since we live relatively close by.

We were a little taken aback since we never gave it a second thought to drive down there and suffer the crowds to look at cherry trees, beautiful as they must be.

Why do we need to go to DC to see cherry trees? I think our town is nice enough with some very nice trees. I took a few pictures today since the trees are beginning to open up now. I also took a couple of pictures showing trees which had been brutally cut up to allow for telephone lines. One particular tree would have been really beautiful if it weren’t for the slice cut out of it. Verizon and other companies shouldn’t be allowed to hack up any tree they want to.

Anyway, here are my pictures. If you think we should make a trip down to DC for the trees, I’d like to hear a compelling reason why 🙂

Enjoyed in the peace and normalcy of our town instead of the following:

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