Very Early Signs of Life

Posted: March 12, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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First, a picture of some of our pepper & tomato plants coming along, a California Wonder getting ready to flower, and a small lettuce in our simple hydroponics system.

Chicken digging and greedily snatching up worms and other goodies.

Signs of life from our blackberries, strawberries, and curly willow tree. Also our raspberries and dewberries, but my pictures were out of focus and I was too lazy to retake them 🙂

Lastly, some new seedlings on the porch and three walls of the (very small) greenhouse my dad and I are building. In the covered planter from front to back: Zen Hybrid (kind of like collards), spinach, and lettuce.

NOTE: Format copied from a Mr. Derrick Knight who resides in a town where flowers always bloom. Anyway, usually I just clump all the pictures together in one gallery, because let’s face it, that is much less work. I decided to bust these up with some words. Go to Derrick Knight’s blog to see how good his entries look (and read). He also goes to places besides his backyard 🙂

  1. Many thanks, Weekly. Praise, indded

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