Acorn Pancakes!

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Wild Edible Plants

Ever since we picked acorns and leached them, I have been storing the ground flour (almost the color of raw cocoa) in our freezer, waiting until we got around to make something. I had said earlier that I was planning on making some sort of roll, but we actually decided to make pancakes.

pancakes5 pancakes4 pancakes2 Pancakes


Because I’m not the best cook, my mom and dad crafted the pancakes and began to fry them. When a batch was done, I, very gingerly, placed a small piece of the acorn pancake into the dark abyss that is my mouth. This turned out not to be a mistake as it tasted almost identical to a regular pancake.

Though there was a slight difference in taste, it was very hard to identify. It is almost best described as a hearty flavor. As for smell, if you have ever bought whole grain bread from the store, it smelled similar except I thought these pancakes smelled better. The texture was lighter than regular pancakes made entirely with white flour. In addition, I think these were significantly more nutritious. We used a standard pancake recipe and used one and one-quarter parts white flour to one part acorn flour.

Overall, gathering, drying, shelling, leaching, grinding and finally eating acorns was a very fun and exciting experience. It was a lot of work, but the pancakes were really good and if I harvest acorns every year I’ll eventually get better at the process so it will seem like less work to me.

I can definitely see how Indians subsisted off of acorns. Acorn pancakes, at least in my opinion, are pretty tasty, and we still have enough flour left for muffins!


  1. Well done. Lucky squirrel

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