Interesting Haworthia Limifolia

Posted: March 5, 2016 in Articles
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Haworthia limifolia is a species of plant which we wrote about in this article. At that time, we thought it was a type of aloe (it is in the aloe family, but it is not aloe). Last year it sent up an odd shoot which turned out to be a flower shoot, but it never made any flowers or seeds. Recently another thing shot up, and this time, it is flowering.

The flowers are really tiny, but they do look quite nice. My mom and my sister don’t think the plant as a whole looks very pretty, just interesting, but I wouldn’t mind having a bunch of them in a house, if it was mine.

Anyway, the flower stalk is about 20 inches tall and still growing, and we’re hoping we can get some seeds off of this thing. This plant produces “babies” so getting seeds is not necessary. We just want to see if we can grow the plant from seed.

Also, it appears this plant doesn’t have a name that isn’t Latin, but if you’re looking to get one and can’t find a Haworthia limifolia online, my sister bought it at Home Depot.


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